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Build Your Ideal Romance Listen – a Contest for Valentine’s Day!

Heart Shape cut on Red Velvet

Valentine’s Day is Saturday and it’s time to turn up the volume on romance. We’re celebrating this year with a five-day contest, asking you to share with us your ideal romance audiobook. Build Your Ideal Romance Listen  We’re not talking about an actual title you have listened to. This is the invisible wish list in …

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Gal Tech: Using a SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player

As part two of our Sansa Clip+ giveaway, here are some of the many pros about the SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 player featured in today’s giveaway. it takes little effort to learn to navigate it has an expandable Micro SD card slot the SD card content integrates into the main menu it auto resumes any type …

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A Non-Techie’s Adventure in Listening

See that picture? It’s my Kindle Fire  HD – the device I use to read 95% of my books. It also has the ability to play audiobooks but don’t talk to me about Whispersync. When someone mentions it, something in my brain switches to “off”. I really don’t want to go there. See, I officially fall …

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Gal Tech: Kindle Fire HD Immersion Reading

With the release of the Kindle Fire 2nd generation and Kindle Fire HD in Sept 2012, Whispersync became a built in ability on the device – no extra steps are required to both listen and read on the Fire and Fire HD. Happily this remains the case with the recent release of the improved Kindle …

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Brenda Is Over at Speaking of Audiobooks Today with a Screenshot Tutorial

Brenda is blogging at Speaking of Audiobooks today and has a new Technical Screenshoot Tutorial – Locating Your Audiobook Files. Brenda is known for her solid grasp of the technical side of audiobooks and her ability to help us understand some of the more difficult aspects of managing our audiobooks. Feel free to ask her questions. …

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How To Search for Upcoming Audiobook Releases

As devoted listeners, we’re always wondering which new audiobooks are just around the corner. Will a favorite author’s next title be a simultaneous release in print and audio? Has a favorite author’s backlist been picked up by an audio publisher? Who will narrate a much anticipated book? Finding the answers to these questions before an …

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Audible’s Helpful Video Tutorials

While many of us may be old hands with Audible’s audiobook download service, there are others trying their service for the first time. We thought providing a link to their Video Tutorial page could prove helpful to some. For those not familiar with the variety of ways Audible’s books can be listened to, they offer …

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