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What We’re About

Originally, we were just three Gals (Lea, Brenda, and Melinda) who loved to listen to audiobooks – romance in particular. Now, with the inclusion of several more reviewers, we are a stronger voice for romance audiobooks although we do support the audio industry in general as well with articles dedicated to quality audiobooks, understanding the …

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Meet the Founders

The founders of AudioGals are Lea Hensley, Brenda Lee, and Melinda Parmer. AudioGals premiered in August 2012. Our Gal family has grown with the addition of our reviewers. You can find their bios under Gal Friends: Our Reviewers. Meet Lea Hensley Lea let others know about her love affair with romance audiobooks in 2009 when …

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Contact the Gals

Authors or narrators wanting to offer a review copy, please click here.  

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Lea at Speaking of Audiobooks

Lea has been writing the Speaking of Audiobooks column at All About Romance since May of 2009. These were cutting edge articles for romance audio enthusiasts at the time and we’ve had some great discussions starting with the very first column Speaking of Audiobooks: It’s All About The Narrator. There are now more than 115 columns …

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