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AudioGals.net is a labor of love for a small and dedicated group of volunteer reviewers. Our vision is to help lift the Romance genre and the audiobook format to the highest standards. Our goal is to provide you with honest reviews of Romance audiobooks.

Originally, we were just three Gals (Lea, Brenda, and Melinda) who loved to listen to audiobooks – Romance in particular. Now, with the inclusion of several more reviewers, we are a stronger voice for Romance audiobooks. Our focus is on our readers, maintaining a service where people who love Romance audiobooks can find well-written, honest reviews of both the author’s story and the narrator’s performance.

In addition to our reviews, we also run monthly and weekly features, author and narrator interviews, and occasional events and giveaways. From time to time, we also review and discuss other genres such as Historical Fiction, Women’s Fiction and Urban Fantasy.

We are always looking forward to discovering new audio treasures. We hope you will join us in our journey!

Our Welcome Post

Curious about the Romance genre? Romance Writers of America® has a great definition here, which includes a central love story with an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending.

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