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Author and Narrator Request for Audiobook Review

Although AudioGals receives the majority of its review copies from publishers, we do accept review requests from authors and narrators. We invite you to submit your requests here. Your audiobook will be placed on our reviewers’ selection list. If one of our reviewers chooses your audio, we will contact you and request your review copy.

Your chances for review will be enhanced by a sound clip of your requested review book. If the sample at Audible includes interaction between the hero and heroine, that is sufficient. Otherwise, we ask that you provide us with a clip of this all important hero/heroine interaction. If the Audible sample is all that is available, we’ll use it for your request. If AudioGals has favorably reviewed one of your titles in the past, the sound clip is not crucial for selection.

In your request, please include audiobook title, author’s and narrator’s names, format of your review copy, and a short synopsis of the audiobook. Let us know if you have a sound clip. We’ll email you and request the audio clip link via the method you use to share, i.e. Hightail, Dropbox, Sugarsync, SoundCloud, etc.

Important: Include a link to your book at Audible or, if your book is not yet available at Audible, provide us with an Amazon pre-order link.

Our main focus is romance and we generally do not review books under 5 hours in length. Before submitting your audiobook, please read our Reviews Policy.


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