Reviews Policy

  • We only review audiobooks.
  • We do accept downloads, CDs, or MP3-CDs for audiobook reviews but only by pre-approval. Although we do plan on reviewing each book we agree to review, there may be circumstances that prohibit us from doing so.
  • We do consider older audiobook releases for review.
  • If we do review a book, we will likely mention it on Facebook and Twitter.
  • We review primarily romance although we do review women’s fiction and urban fantasy titles if they contain a thread of romance. We do not usually review books under 5 hours in length.
  • Time will vary on the publication of a review. We can’t guarantee timing. It could be published as soon as two weeks but will likely take one to three months or possibly longer.
  • We disclose any free services, review copies, or sample products we are allowed to keep, in expectation of a review, according to FTC guidelines.
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