Add a New Playlist to Your iPod




Adding a new Playlist to your iPod is a basic skill for some while many others are just getting to know their iPods – thus this beginners screen shot Tutorial.




When you open iTunes on your computer your left panel in blue resembles this one














When you plug your iPod in you see Devices added to the panel list. The name of your iPod is seen under Devices with its basic categories followed by Playlist titles














To add a new Playlist to your iPod right click on your iPod’s name to see this drop down menu. Chose New Playlist.










And you will see this – a new untitled playlist where you will enter the name of your audiobook.











So it looks like this now











When you click away from the new title you entered you see the Playlist in your iPod menu list. Now it’s ready to have an audiobook added to it from your iTunes library.










Whether it be one you have downloaded to your iTunes library from an audiobook on CD or a book downloaded online from Tantor, AudiobookStand or another source.


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