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Audiobooks from Cassette to MP3 Files

Many long time audiobook fans have audiobooks on cassette still residing on their shelves or in closets. Some of these may be Hard-to-Find favorites such as Karen Robards One Summer (Hunting for Hard-to-Finds) that still aren’t available as digital downloads. (Editor’s Note: Huzzah! One Summer IS now available!) We’re now spoiled with listening to our …

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Are All Your Audiobooks Really in Your iTunes Library?

There are those of us who collect, um hoard, our audiobooks because we love to relisten or because we have HTF treasures we’d hate to lose while others who don’t listen to an audiobook a second time may want to make sure all their music is in their iTunes library as well. Let’s say you’ve …

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Audiobook Auto Resume on Apple Devices

    Audiobooks from sources other than Audible need to be tagged properly in order to auto resume on Apple devices.         Open iTunes and right click on the title of your audiobook. Choose Get Info from the drop down menu.                       …

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Add a New Playlist to Your iPod

      Adding a new Playlist to your iPod is a basic skill for some while many others are just getting to know their iPods – thus this beginners screen shot Tutorial.       When you open iTunes on your computer your left panel in blue resembles this one         …

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Tagging Multiple Files in iTunes

  Audiobook downloads such as those that come from Tantor consist of several chapters or tracks in one folder, each of these chapters or tracks need to be Tagged so that they will auto resume where you leave off in your book listening. Here’s how to Tag multiple audiobook files all at once.     …

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Audiobook CD Import Settings for iTunes

  As we get ready to import our audiobook CDs into iTunes, it’s a good time to decide on the audio quality settings we want to use. The default music settings in iTunes work well but those settings give us very large audiobook files that take up unnecessary hard drive and precious iPod space without …

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Audiobook CDs to an iPod Playlist

  Importing an audiobook from its original CD format to an iTunes Playlist is most modern listener’s preference but it can be daunting when there are 12 to 99 separate tracks per audiobook disc. This is when the issue of precise tagging for each disc imported into iTunes becomes paramount. Our last tutorial, Audiobook CD Import …

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Add MP3 Files to iPod Playlist

  With a new Playlist ready to be filled with the audiobook CD’s you’ve converted to MP3 files on your iPod, continue with the steps below to add your audiobook to it. I manually manage my iPods so the steps you see below will show that method of adding your new audiobook to a Playlist. …

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How to Download a Tantor Audiobook

This tutorial will walk you through downloading an audiobook from Tantor to your computer and into iTunes.  I’m using Windows 8. There are slight variations when comparing these screenshots to those on a Mac or older versions of Windows but the basic process is the same.         After you’ve purchased an audiobook …

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Audible’s New Whispersync for Voice

As a person who both reads and listens to her books, I found Amazon’s announcement about Whispersync for Voice exciting. Not only for the ability to switch between reading and listening but also for the opportunity to save a few dollars when buying both versions of the book. Imagine being able to read your Kindle …

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