Hear Angela Dawe, Kaleo Griffith, Karen White and Xe Sands Talk!

It’s time for our second entry into our June is Audiobook Month event, Hear the Talk, sponsored by Tantor Audio. Today it’s Hear the Narrators Talk – a recorded chat with narrators Kaleo Griffith, Xe Sands, Angela Dawe, and Karen White. We’re discussing various aspects of narrating including relationships with authors and the joys and challenges of narrating romance.


Kaleo Griffith final

Kaleo Griffith

Xe Sands2

Xe Sands

Karen White 175

Karen White









Earlier this week we featured Hear the Authors Talk with authors Pamela Clare, Jennifer Ashley, Anne Stuart, and Julie James. Four additional recorded chats are scheduled for the next two weeks.

Today’s online discussion was recorded as those massive storms continued to move through Oklahoma (my home) which made recording sketchy at times (and required editing of my comments at a later date) but the “heart” of the conversation remains despite some unavoidable variances in audio quality.

You may download any of our chats easily to your MP3 player. Or, you can listen on your phone directly from AudioGals. I listened to the entire Hear the Authors Talk in my car as I ran errands and didn’t even need earbuds!

My thanks to our narrators today and a special thanks to our behind-the-scenes tech Gal, Brenda, who recorded and edited this chat. There wouldn’t be an AudioGals without her!


JIAM 2013 Live Narrators Chat


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