Audiobook Jargon

Includes romance and general online lingo.

Alpha – the tough, dominate hero who is used to getting the ladies. He’s super confident, tending toward arrogance if not just exactly that. A definite “tell-oriented” type of guy rather than an “ask-oriented.”

Beta – not seen often in romances, he’s that nice guy. He doesn’t demand attention and certainly asks rather than tells the heroine to do anything. He’s safe – he’s dependable. He’s who you will want to be married to someday if not right at this moment.

Cabin Romance – Just the hero and heroine are featured in long stretches of time within a book, allowing them time to become better acquainted.

DNF – did not finish

Gamma – provides the listener with the aggressive, “I can take care of everything” side of the alpha but toned down a bit, seeming more confident than arrogant. The Gamma is likely to be more relationship oriented. He has beta tendencies as well but mostly, he’s just a pleasing combo of alpha and beta.

HEA – happily ever after

HTF – hard to find

LOL – laugh out loud

MC – Motorcycle Club

MP3 – MP3 is shorthand for Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), Audio Layer 3. Layer 3 is the level of audio compression used. What this means is that the total file size is smaller, allowing for more storage without sacrificing audio quality. From Tantor – follow to find a more complete explanation of MP3s and players.

PNR – paranormal romance

POV – point of view

SEP – Susan Elizabeth Phillips

TSTL – too stupid to live

TBL – to be listened to

TBR – to be read

YMMV – your mileage may vary


For other lingo, check Urban Dictionary.


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