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Moira Quirk

Moira QuirkMoira’s first role in America was as “Mo the Referee” on Nickelodeon’s popular sports-action shows Guts. She hosted other Nickelodeon TV specials and many, many live Nickelodeon events all across the USA and in the UK, and was also slimed countless times. Moira has also travelled with her stand-up, performing at clubs, theaters, and universities across the country. Her voice-over work can be heard in award-winning video games, award-winning audiobooks, cartoons, and podcasts and has ranged from the sublime (Steampunk anime for director Katsuhiro Otomo) to the ridiculous (uttering the immortal “those meddling kids” line in What’s New Scooby Do?). Look for Moira in the soap opera spoof Pretty – season 3 (www.prettytheseries.com) and the Emmy-winning web series, Dirty Work (dirty work.com) playing an extraordinarily foul-mouthed Yorkshire-woman. She is married with two daughters and a husband and constantly has to tell him how to load the dishwasher.

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