Our August 2017 Picks

If you’re an AudioGals regular, then you’ll already know that our tastes are fairly diverse. But every so often an audiobook comes along that has us all sitting up and taking notice, and that’s the case in August, with the release of the sixth book in Joanna Bourne’s Spymasters series, Beauty Like the Night. Both author and narrator Kirsten Potter are big Gal favourites and we are chomping at the bit! Coming in a close second is the first book in Tessa Dare’s new series, The Duchess Deal, and once again, author and narrator (Mary Jane Wells) are big draws. As always, we’re basing our choices on liking the author, the narrator… or just gut instinct, and while some of these titles are already available, others will appear later in the month. Whatever your choices, here’s hoping you’re finding some great summer listens!

Beauty Like the Night by Joanna BourneBeauty Like the Night by Joanna Bourne

Narrated by Kirsten Potter

Lovers of historical romance with suspense plots are surely familiar with Ms. Bourne’s Spymasters Series.  Though I’m not familiar with Kirsten Potter’s narrations, she has received a B+ or higher rating for her narrations of this series, so audio format should be a good choice for this title. – BJ

Book six in Joanna Bourne’s acclaimed Spymasters series is set after the end of the Napoleonic wars, but that doesn’t mean our friends of the British Service can just pack up and go home!  I have already read the book and loved it, so I am eager to experience it again in audio. – Caz

Anything by Joanna Bourne has me making the grabby hands and her books are always a delight on audio. – Kaetrin

Joanna Bourne and Kirsten Potter are perfect together. I can’t wait to get my hands on this latest installment in the Spymasters series. – Shannon

The Duchess Deal by Tessa DareThe Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare

Narrated by Mary Jane Wells

Being a fan of both Tessa Dare’s writing and Mary Jane Wells’ narrations, I look forward to listening to this first book in the new Girl Meets Duke series. – BJ

Tessa Dare is the queen of the historical Rom-Com but the draw for me here is the narrator.  It’s possible I may have squealed with delight when I saw Ms. Wells’ name on the cover :) – Caz

I was lucky enough to read an early copy of Tessa Dare’s latest novel in print, and it was wonderful. Mary Jane Wells is a stellar narrator, making this a natural choice for audiobook fans. – Shannon

Daniel's True Desire by Grace BurrowesDaniel’s True Desire  by Grace Burrowes

Narrated by James Langton

I thought this was the strongest of Ms. Burrowes’ True Gentlemen series when I read it a couple of years back.  It’s the story of a country clergyman in the midst of a crisis of faith and struggling to deal with a poor decision made early in life.  It’s a tender, but bittersweet romance, and I’m sure that James Langton will more than do it justice. – Caz


Seeing Red by Sandra BrownSeeing Red by Sandra Brown

Narrated by Victor Slezak

Seeing Red is the latest romantic suspense title from Sandra Brown, and it promises to be just as sexy and thrilling as her previous novels. I’ve listened to Victor Slezak a time or two in the past and have enjoyed his narrations, so I’m confident Seeing Red will be fabulous all the way around. – Shannon


Royally EndowedRoyally Endowed by Emma Chase by Emma Chase

Narrated by Andi Arndt and Shane East

I’ve enjoyed Emma Chase’s Royals trilogy so far, including the narration by Andi Arndt and Shane East and am looking forward to another fabulous listen. – BJ




Spellbinder by Thea HarrisonSpellbinder by Thea Harrison

Narrated by Sophie Eastlake

Technically this came out at the end of July but I’m counting it as August. I adore this series – the author/narrator pairing is always a win for me. – Kaetrin




Single Malt by Layla ReyneAgents Irish and Whiskey series by Layla Reyne (Single Malt: Cask Strength: Barrel Proof)

Narrated by Tristan James

All three books in this terrific romantic suspense trilogy by début author Layla Reyne come out on the same day, so I’m listing them en masse.  I’ve read the first two books, which are inventive, sexy and tightly plotted, with an overarching plotline that runs through all three, so I’m on the edge of my seat awaiting the resolution.  I’m not familiar with narrator Tristan James, but fingers crossed he can pull off Jamie’s charming southern drawl and Aidan’s Irish brogue. – Caz


Wild Ride Cowboy by Maisey YatesWild Ride Cowboy by Maisey Yates

Narrated by Summer Morton

Some of my friends have been very enthusiastic about this series and the sample I listened to of the narrator convinced me to give this book a try. – Kaetrin




Devil's Cut by J.R. WardDevil’s Cut by J.R. Ward

Narrated by Alexander Cendese

J.R. Ward’s Bourbon Kings trilogy is utterly scandalous and a total guilty pleasure of mine. Devil’s Cut is the final installment, and one of the high points of my summer reading. Alexander Cendese did a fabulous job with the two previous novels, so an enjoyable listen is pretty much guaranteed. – Shannon



So – that’s what we’re looking forward to listening to in August.  What about you?  Are you eagerly awaiting any of these?  Or are you making grabby hands for something we’ve missed that we really should know about?  Drop by and tell us in the comments.



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    I definitively squaled when I read about the new Tessa Dare book narrated by Mary Jane Wells!

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      Ha! Good to know I wasn’t the only one ;)

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