Currently Playing for the Gals, 25th August 2017

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We look forward to our chats about what we’re listening to each week – we squee over the good and sigh over the not-so-good, tap each other up for ideas for future listens and generally gossip about what’s making our ears happy. Here’s what we’re listening to this week.


The Sworn Virgin by Kristopher Dukes

Narrated by Barrie Kreinik



Narrated by Tim Campbell



Spellbinder by Thea Harrison

Narrated by Sophie Eastlake



Narrated by Anna Fields

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Tell us in the comments what’s in YOUR ears this week!


  1. mel burns

    I just finished listening to Murder on Black Swan Lane and I did not like the narrator. Had I not read the book I probably would’ve stopped listening early on, because of his inconsistency in maintaining character and his choice of voice for a major supporting character. I also thought some of his pronunciations were off and wondered of he was an American doing British accents.
    I’ve got an early copy of Hillary Clinton’s new book, so that’s what’s on deck for the weekend.

    1. mel burns

      “wondered If” :)

    2. Caz

      I had thought about listening to that one, Mel, as I really enjoyed the book. But I wasn’t wild about the narration in the sample so I didn’t. Sad to hear it’s yet another good book ruined by a poor choice of narrator.

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