Men of Romance Audiobooks Narrator Panel – video

Jennifer Conner of Literate Housewife attended and streamed this video live on Facebook during the Virginia Festival of the Book event Saturday, March 25. Here it is for your viewing and listening pleasure! (And don’t be dismayed about the sideways video – that part is just a couple of minutes, and the rest is right-side up. Just turn your head a little to the side – there you go…)



The narrators on the panel are Andi Arndt, moderator, David Brenin, Will Damron, Luke Daniels, Derek Perkins, and Aiden Snow – and AudioGals sends a big thank you to all of them, especially Andi, who put the panel together!


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  1. Bea

    Thank you so much for this!

  2. Eva

    Interesting interview! I enjoyed listening to these men speak about their experience reading and narrating romance audiobooks. I thought it was profound to say “the characters don’t know that they are in a book.”

  3. Carol

    Interesting, informative, and fun. Many thanks to Jennifer for recording this. Luke and Derek are already on my list of favorite narrators, and I now intend to check out some of these other Guys of Romance. I was interested to hear that people in “the business” do check out Audible/Downpour reviews; I enjoy writing them, and get enough “helpful” votes overall that it seems worthwhile. I do try to explain my reasons if I make critical comments about a narrator, and this reminds me to be fair and careful.

  4. Kaetrin

    Finally carved out the time to listen to this. Really interesting panel. Very glad I got to listen to it. Thx to all involved!

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