The Wonder of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander

OutlanderAudible calls Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander “An all-time favorite among Audible listeners” and it continues to reside among the top ten titles on their Bestselling Romance list even after years of availability in digital format. It carries a 4.30 grade with 13,259 ratings. That’s quite a feat for a 33 hour book.

Five of our reviewers ranked Outlander as a favorite in their AudioGals bios. Although Victoria has penned today’s review of Outlander, Melinda, Megan, Kaetrin, and yours truly stand united with her in our love of Outlander.

Outlander has been a runaway romance audio favorite for years now. Recorded in 1994 (the early days of audiobooks), the quality of its narration is so exceptional that it is seen as a gold standard even today.

And I have been talking about it for years as well. I started writing the Speaking of Audiobooks column for All About Romance in 2009 and dedicated an entire column to the Outlander series in November of that year.

Outlander has been featured three times at AudioGals (before today). Melinda and I discussed Outlander in January 2013 and in October 2013, it was one of three European Historical Romance titles chosen for our infographic, AudioGals Guide to Romance Audio – The Classics. This past February, Outlander was mentioned by reviewers in Our Valentine to Romance Audio.

In 2011, I ran a Favorite Romance Audiobooks Poll at Speaking of Audiobooks. Outlander was chosen as the Favorite Romance Audiobook and the Favorite Historical Romance Audiobook. Jamie Fraser won Favorite Audio Romance Hero. Claire Fraser tied for second in Favorite Audio Romance Heroine. And Jamie and Claire Fraser won Favorite Audio Romance Couple.

Now it’s time for our first official AudioGals review of Outlander (immediately below). Victoria captures the exceptional nature of this treasured audiobook. Even if you have listened to Outlander, I encourage you to read her review – you will learn something!

With the news that Outlander is currently in production by Starz as a summer 2014 TV series, the excitement is building even more. And we’ll be back to report in and take a part in celebrating Outlander as a TV series. But I have a strong feeling that the audio version will always be my favorite way of experiencing Outlander yet again.

Lea Hensley

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    I need to listen to this one ASAP. I didn’t know Starz was making it a series that is very exciting.

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