Our February 2017 Picks

February is a bumper month for new romance audiobook releases!  In some cases, we struggled to choose what to include and what to leave out, so there are a lot of good things in store for listeners this month,  and at the top of our list are two hotly awaited titles, Lisa Kleypas’ Devil in Spring (surely one of the most eagerly anticipated books of 2017) and Jeaniene Frost’s Into the Fire. Some of these titles are already available, some are coming out later in the month, but in each case, our choices are based on a variety of factors; author, narrator, story… or just gut instinct. Are any of these on your wish list? Have you listened to any of them and if so, what did you think? Have we missed out anything you’re looking forward to? Join in the discussion in the comments.

Into The Fire by Jeaniene Frost

Narrated by Tavia Gilbert

I can’t wait to listen to Vlad and Leila’s newest novel.  Jeaniene Frost and Tavia Gilbert are one of my top-favorite PNR/UF author/narrator teams! – BJ

I’m behind on the Night Prince books (I still have book 3 to listen to) but Night Huntress/Night Prince books are always reliably good and Tavia Gilbert always delivers on the narration side of the equation. – Kaetrin
Jeaniene Frost and Tavia Gilbert are one of those perfect author/narrator pairings. I’m counting down the days until Into the Fire is released. – Shannon

Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas

Narrated by Mary Jane Wells

Having loved both the story and narration in Marrying Winterborne, I’m superexcited to listen to Lisa Kleypas’ and Mary Jane Wells latest collaboration. – BJ

This is it.  The moment most of romancelandia has been waiting for since we read the teaser chapter at the end of Marrying Winterborne and squeed for days at the prospect of getting a story about the offspring of one of historical romance’s most iconic couples, Sebastian and Evie St. Vincent from Devil in WinterCan Gabriel St. Vincent possibly outdo his father on the hotness scale?  I’m looking forward to finding out, and with the hugely talented Mary Jane Wells narrating, this is going to be a sure-fire winner –  Caz

I have loved the previous two Ravenel books and I’m very excited for this one. Knowing that the narration will be excellent only makes me want it more. It’s one of my most anticipated books of the year. And it’s only February! – Kaetrin

The Duke by Kerrigan Byrne

Narrated by Derek Perkins

I’ve loved the Victorian Rebels Series so far, as both the stories and narration have been engaging and intriguing. So I’m looking forward to this fourth book. – BJ

Kerrigan Byrne’s Victorian Rebels series has provided some of the most enthralling, edgy historical romances seen in recent years, and this story of one of England’s greatest heroes fallen into great personal darkness promises much.  Derek Perkins has done sterling work in the other audios in the series, and I’m sure that will continue here. – Caz

Royally Matched: Royally, Book 2 by Emma Chase

Narrated by Shane East and Andi Arndt

Royally Screwed was one of my favorite audiobooks of 2016, so I’m highly looking forward to the sequel featuring the first book’s hero’s younger brother, Prince Henry John Edgar Thomas Pembrook, of Wessco. – BJ

I didn’t love love love Royally Screwed as much as some other listeners (but I did like it). I was however super impressed by the narration – Shane East is a new favourite. Prince Henry caught my interest in the earlier book and I’m looking forward to what hoops he’ll have to jump through to get his HEA. – Kaetrin

Pretty Face by Lucy Parker

Narrated by Morag Sims

Lucy Parker’s Act Like It was a truly fabulous romantic comedy set amid the hurly-burly of London’s theatreland, so I’ve eagerly been awaiting Pretty Face, the follow up to that book set in the same world.  I confess that I’ve already read the book and LOVED it (the hero is sex-on-legs!) and am eager to revisit it in audio. – Caz

I’m reading this book now and it’s so FABULOUS. I know I will want to revisit it in audio. I checked out a sample of Ms. Sims’ work and I’m in. – Kaetrin

Wild Fire by Anne Stuart

Narrated by Jill Redfield

I am a complete pushover for an Anne Stuart Bad Boy.  Regardless of how much asshattery they get up to, these men LOVE their women, no matter how hard they try not to ;)  I recently listened to and enjoyed Jill Redfield’s narration in the first book (Consumed by Fire) so I have high hopes for this one.- Caz

I love Anne Stuart’s complicated heroes and riveting suspense. Jill Redfield’s skilled narration is sure to make this a great audio experience. – Shannon


Till Death by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Narrated by Sarah Naughton

I’ve loved the Wait For You series on audio and this appears to be straight up romantic suspense which is right up my alley. The sample of Ms. Naughton’s work I listened to was good so I’m in for the audio. – Kaetrin



King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard

Narrated by Amanda Dolan, Adenrele Ojo, Erin Spencer

I devoured the first two books in Ms. Aveyard’s Red Queen series, and am anxious for the next installment. I’m familiar with Ms. Dolan and Ms. Ojo’s narrations, so I’m hoping for good things. – Shannon



Someone to Hold & Slightly Tempted by Mary Balogh

Narrated by Rosalyn Landor

Christmas in February!  Not only are we getting book two in Ms. Balogh’s latest Westcott series, but also the fourth Slightly book, which tells the story of the youngest Bedwyn, Lady Morgan.  With Rosalyn Landor narrating both audios, there’s no danger of these being anything other than outstanding listens. – Caz

Keystone by Dannika Dark

Narrated by Nicole Poole

This is technically a January release, but I was somehow unaware of it until just now. I love everything Dannika Dark writes, and this is a new series to boot. Plus, it features Christian, who will be familiar to fans of her Mageri series. And, just in case I haven’t given you enough reason to buy this, Nicole Poole’s narrations are epic. – Shannon


Tinderbox by Rachel Grant

Narrated by Greg Tremblay

I thoroughly enjoyed the books I read and/or listening to in Rachel Grant’s Evidence series; which are a terrific blend of romance and suspense.  Clever, kick-ass heroines combined with gorgeous, alpha heroes, plus plenty of technical and historical geekery made those books big hits with me, and I’m hoping to find her new Flashpoint series just as compelling.  I’m not familiar with the narrator but my fingers are crossed. – Caz

Sinful Scottish Laird by Julia London

Narrated by Derek Perkins

I enjoyed the first book in this series (Wild Wicked Scot) a lot more than I’d expected to, so I’m eager for this, the next in the series.  Derek Perkins is once again at the helm, so I’m anticipating a great listen. – Caz



Echoes in Death by JD Robb

Narrated by Susan Ericksen

I always look forward to new In Death audios. – Kaetrin





What It Takes: A Kowalksi Family Reunion by Shannon Stacey

Narrated by Lauren Fortgang

I love the Kowalskis and Ms. Fortgang’s narration will only add to my enjoyment. – Kaetrin




We’ve got a month of great listens ahead.  What are you looking forward to getting stuck into in February?

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