The Collector by Nora Roberts

The CollectorNarrated by Julia Whelan

I’ll confess. I enjoy Nora Robert’s romantic suspense novels immensely. No matter that they are somewhat predictable or that they often have interchangeable characters, they are a guaranteed good time. So when The Collector was released, I, of course, snapped it up. And while I didn’t enjoy it as much as the past few releases (The Witness), nor do I think it’s as good as some of her previous efforts (Honest Illusions, anyone?), I still had a rollicking good time listening to it.

Right up front, I will state that I find the point on which the entire plot pivots, the Rear Window-esque spying by our heroine Lila, distasteful. No matter what her Read the rest of this entry »

Crossing the Ice by Jennifer Comeaux

Crossing the IceNarrated by Emily Stokes

Crossing the Ice is the story of Courtney and Josh, figure skaters who dream of representing the U.S. at the Olympic Games. Will their budding attraction get in the way of their dreams?

Mark and Courtney have been skating partners for the past nine years. Four years ago, they tried and failed to make the Olympic team. Now, they’re beginning their final year of training, determined to see it end with them claiming one of the two spots on the team. Both are dismayed to learn that Stephanie and Josh, their biggest rivals, are moving to Cape Cod to train with them. Read the rest of this entry »

Our Third Place Winner – Build Your Ideal Romance Audio

Heart Puzzle lgAnd it’s time to share our Third Place Winner’s entry for our Build Your Ideal Romance Audio contest!

Participants were asked to share with us their ideal romance audiobook. We announced our winners on Monday and ran Elaine’s first place entry. On Wednesday, we ran Julie’s second place entry. Today Kelley Raver has center stage with the romance audio she built for our contest.

Kelley wins three Tantor downloads of her choice.

Thanks Kelley! Enjoy your downloads. We’d love to know your download choices.


Kelley Raver’s Third Place Winning Entry

My Perfect Listen:

A dark, brooding, alpha hero tasked with “babysitting”  – sigh, eye roll – a prominent archeologist’s daughter on a trek through the jungles of the Congo.

A shy, bookish heroine, oblivious to the surrounding dangers and unaware of her own inner strength, intent on joining her father at his excavation site to further her Phd research.

Alone and amidst torrential rains, sweltering heat, insurgent’s gunfire, and deadly jungle inhabitants, the hero and heroine are stranded in the steam of the jungle running for their lives in this Romantic “for your burning ears only” Suspense…with a possible twist…

….the hero, a black panther shifter, can’t believe he’s found his “beloved” behind a pair of wire framed glasses.

….the heroine, gazing into the hero’s eyes says, “I don’t know why I keep sneezing.  I’m allergic to cats, but I haven’t seen one since I left Boston.”

Narrators to perform your Ideal Audiobook:  

Xe Sands and Robert Petkoff

Three of Kelly Raver’s favorite romance audios: 

Dark Desires After Dusk by Kresley Cole  Narrated by Robert Petkoff

On Thin Ice by Anne Stuart  Narrated by Xe Sands

It Happened One Wedding by Julie James  Narrated by Karen White

Would you want to listen to Kelley’s Ideal Romance Audiobook? Then pay special attention to her three favorites. Identify with another listener’s tastes and find solid recommendations for yourself.


And the prizes keep coming…

During 2015, AudioGals will occasionally publish selected entries (other than the first, second, and third place winners). Spot your entry and contact us within 48 hours of its publication and you win a Tantor download of your choice!

Our thanks to Tantor Audio for sponsoring this event. We want to remind you that during the month of February, all Tantor romance downloads are $9.99. Tantor downloads are easy these days and the selection is large. Brenda has a new Gal Tech leading you through downloading Tantor titles to iTunes. Tantor has also recently introduced new mobile playback options. On a trial run this new option worked smoothly from Brenda’s iPhone.

Lea Hensley

Out of Control by Suzanne Brockmann

Out of Control latestNarrated by Patrick Lawlor and Melanie Ewbank

Suzanne Brockmann’s Out of Control, book 4 in the Troubleshooters series, is appropriately titled. The lightning pace of this romantic suspense with multiple story lines and intriguing characters can leave one rather breathless.

The main romance is between Ken “Wildcard” Karmody, US Navy SEAL, and Savannah von Hopf. Chic heiress/lawyer Savannah has been asked by her uncle to deliver $250,000 to him in Indonesia. Savannah—who happens to be friends with Ken’s ex-fiancee—seeks Ken out for help.

She’s always had a crush on Ken, however, so when they meet, there’s alcohol, and one thing leads to another. In the light of Read the rest of this entry »

Killing Sarai by J. A. Redmerski

Killing SaraiNarrated by Stephen Bel Davies and Kate Reinders

A truly unique listen! This dark romance is heavy on the mystery/suspense and will leave you feeling like you have gotten a clandestine look into the minds of killers. I absolutely loved the attention to the psychology underlying these characters’ actions; perhaps the most shocking is the resilience of the human mind to conjure up such extreme measures to survive. Moreover, the damage that such a world of violence can cause on the human psyche, particularly where matters of trust and ultimately the heart are concerned, is also vividly examined and ultimately questioned and challenged, providing the listener with a deeply satisfying experience. Read the rest of this entry »

The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan 

The Governess AffairNarrated by Rosalyn Landor

The Governess Affair may quite possibly be the best novella I have ever listened to. This was my first experience with Courtney Milan, and I guarantee it will not be my last. I’m extremely impressed that Ms. Milan was able to deliver an original, well developed, believable, and touching romance in just a little short of four hours. Further rounding out this well made audiobook is Rosalyn Landor’s expert narration which masterfully brings this emotional story to life. Although this is an older title, for those historical romance enthusiasts who have not yet had the pleasure of listening to it, this is a great time to get The Governess Affair, as Amazon is presently Read the rest of this entry »

Currently Playing for the Gals February 26, 2015

Woman listening

What are the Gals listening to this weekend? If you are looking for your next listen, consider trying out one of these along with the reviewer.


Ripped by Katy Evans

Narrated by Sebastian York and Elizabeth Louise


The Will by Kristen Ashley

Narrated by Hollis McCarthy


The Fire Inside by Kathryn Shay

Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer


How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days by Laura Lee Guhrke

Narrated by Susan Ericksen


A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

Narrated by Jennifer Ikeda


Rivers of Gold by Tracie Petersson

Narrated by Laural Merlington


Rocky Mountain Romance by Vivien Arend

Narrated by Tatiana Sokolov


This Heart of Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Narrated by Anna Fields


Hot Target by Suzanne Brockmann

Narrated by Patrick Lawlor and Melanie Ewbank


Closer Than You Think by Karen Rose

Narrated by Hillary Huber


Inevitable by Angela Graham

Narrated by Xe Sands

We’d love to know what you’re listening to too.


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