The Color of Hope by Julianne MacLean

The Color of HopeNarrated by Jennifer O’Donnell

First off, given that I generally only review romance, I think it worth noting that Julianne MacLean’s Color of Heaven series is really more women’s fiction than romance. All that said, there is definitely an element of romance sprinkled towards the end of this story for the romance enthusiast which also happens to go along perfectly with this novel’s main focus – familial love and the power of hope.

With that said, I found The Color of Hope to be an interesting, engaging, and somewhat unique story that challenged me to debate a number of moral dilemmas and existential theories. Unfortunately, given that the blurb is rather vague about the detailed, Read the rest of this entry »

The Accidental Werewolf by Dakota Cassidy

The Accidental WerewolfNarrated by Meredith Mitchell

Why would it take me six months to listen to a book that is just over ten hours long? That’s a reasonable question, especially if you consider the fact that I’ve been known to finish a truly excellent book in a day. Bearing this in mind, perhaps saying that The Accidental Werewolf is a far cry from excellent is just stating the obvious, and yet, I feel compelled to say it, over and over and over again if necessary. This wins the prize for the most ridiculous book I have ever had the misfortune to listen to. Shall I tell you why?

Marty Andrews is bitten by a very large dog while she’s walking her poodle. After the bite, Marty begins to notice changes, both physical and emotional. She’s Read the rest of this entry »

Unveiled by Courtney Milan

UnveiledNarrated by Rebecca De Leeuw

After reading Courtney Milan’s The Heiress Effect, I knew I would be a devoted fan. Unveiled, first in the Turner series, did nothing to dispel this notion. In fact, it served only to strengthen my belief that Ms. Milan is a phenomenal writer of historical romance.

Ash Turner is soon to be named the Duke of Parford. He arrives at Parford Manor to take stock of what he is to inherit, and, if he is to be completely honest with himself, to take his revenge on the current duke, the man responsible for the ruin of Ash’s family.

Lady Margaret is the only daughter of the current duke, an ailing and exceptionally cruel old man. Margaret’s brothers are not much better, as they fled the estate once they learned of Ash’s impending arrival. Margaret is left to act as a spy. Disguised as her father’s nurse, she has been ordered to learn Read the rest of this entry »

Vienna Waltz by Teresa Grant

vienna waltzNarrated by Derek Perkins

Vienna Waltz is a real treat for fans of meaty, intricately plotted and well-researched historical fiction. Set during the Congress of Vienna in 1814, when the ambassadors from the major powers in Europe – Britain, Austria, Prussia, Russia and France – gathered in order to seek a long-term peace following the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars, the book is the first in a series of mystery/espionage novels featuring Malcolm Rannoch, attaché to the British delegation, and his half-French, half-Spanish wife, Suzanne.

While ostensibly a diplomat and bureaucrat, Malcolm is in fact one of the British Foreign minister’s most Read the rest of this entry »

The Anatomist’s Wife by Anna Lee Huber

the anatomists wifeNarrated by Heather Wilds

It’s possible that I may have squealed with delight when I learned that Anna Lee Huber’s series of historical mysteries featuring Lady Keira Darby were being released as audiobooks. The books themselves (there are three so far; The Anatomist’s Wife is first in the series) have all proved to be highly entertaining, well-constructed tales featuring an engaging heroine, a gorgeous hero and a delicious slow-burning romance which has developed slowly but surely across all of the stories.

The widow of a renowned surgeon and anatomist, reclusive artist Lady Keira Darby was thrust into the limelight in the most unpleasant way following her Read the rest of this entry »

Kiss Me Like This by Bella Andre

Kiss Me Like ThisNarrated by Eva Kaminsky

Kiss Me Like This is the first in Ms. Andre’s new Morrisons series, which will feature the love stories of the six Morrison siblings, Grant, Olivia, Drew (a rock star), twins Justin and Sean, and the youngest, Madison. The Morrisons are still grieving the loss of their mother, Lisa, to breast cancer three months before the beginning of the story. (I wonder if Mike Morrison, the patriarch will get a story? I’d like that. *hint hint*).

Sean Morrison is a star baseball player for Stanford University and, up until his mother died, a passionate landscape photographer. He’s been numb and self-medicating with alcohol since his mother passed away Read the rest of this entry »

My Beautiful Enemy by Sherry Thomas

My Beautiful EnemyNarrated by Charlotte Anne Dore

My Beautiful Enemy is a very different story for Sherry Thomas – as she says in her interview here at AudioGals, it “is Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon meets Downton Abbey“. There is even a prequel, available only in e-book/print, The Hidden Blade, which introduces us to Catherine Blade, the half-Chinese, half-British martial arts master heroine, and Leighton Atwood, while both in their youth.

Catherine, whose Chinese childhood nickname is Ying-ying, is the illegitimate daughter of a Chinese courtesan and an English adventurer whom she never met. She is trained in the highest forms of martial arts in order to protect herself. As the story opens, Catherine is on her way to England by steamer, in the company of 2 other English women, when they are attacked by an unseen and unknown assailant in a roiling storm at sea. We get our first taste of the Read the rest of this entry »

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