Butterfly Tattoo by Deidre Knight

butterfly tattooNarrated by Paige McKinney and Kevin Scollin

I went into this listen knowing it was an unusual subject – heroine Rebecca O’Neill is a former sitcom star who suffered a stalker attack which almost killed her, leaving her scarred for life; hero Michael Warner’s partner was killed by a drunk driver almost a year before, leaving him and their young daughter to cope with the grief. However, there’s a rather big twist – Michael’s partner was a man with whom Michael had a committed relationship for twelve years before Alex’s untimely death.

As the story in Butterfly Tattoo unfolds, it seems that Michael didn’t even know he was gay until he met Alex. Well, maybe “gay” isn’t the right term – Michael is clearly bi-sexual. Read the rest of this entry »

Devil’s Match by Anita Mills

devils matchNarrated by Rosalind Ashford

In Devil’s Match, Patrick Danvers, newly-minted Viscount Westover, is in a bit of a bind. The black sheep of the family, his exploits on the duelling field have earned him the nickname ‘Devil’ Danvers, and his reputation is so black as to send any right-minded, gently-bred female running in the opposite direction lest being seen in his company irrevocably ruins her reputation. But under the terms of his late uncle’s will, he must marry a respectable woman and produce an heir within a twelvemonth if he is to inherit the bulk of the lands and fortune that accompany his title.

Patrick’s cousin Judith is the one family member who does not shun him, and it’s she who comes up with Read the rest of this entry »

What a Duke Dares by Anna Campbell

what a duke daresNarrated by Steve West

In What a Duke Dares, Camden Rothermere, future Duke of Sedgemoor is young, handsome, rich – and completely stunned when Penelope Thorne turns down his proposal of marriage. He and Pen have known each other almost all their lives, and while the Sedgemoor title has been tarnished in recent years by the very public way in which his parents’ marriage has disintegrated, it’s one of the oldest in the kingdom. Cam is determined to force the polite world to forget his parents’ serial infidelities as well as the fact that the old duke is probably not his biological father, and he lives his life by an incredibly rigid set of rules, making sure his actions are above reproach and doing everything he can to restore his family name to Read the rest of this entry »

Vivid by Beverly Jenkins

VividNarrated by Robin Eller

In Vivid, author Beverly Jenkins introduces readers to Dr. Viveca Lancaster, an extraordinary woman of color who has made medicine her life’s work. We are also introduced to Nate Grayson, a man who never recovered from his experiences in the Civil War, and who is deeply opposed to the very idea of a female physician. Can these two stubborn, independent people overcome their differences in order to gain the HEA they deserve?

Viveca is no stranger to adversity. She’s one of very few black women physicians in 1876 and wants to have a clinic of her own. When she hears that the small Michigan town of Grayson’s Grove is looking for Read the rest of this entry »

His At Night by Sherry Thomas

his at nightNarrated by Kate Reading

I admit I’m a little behind on my Sherry Thomas reading. There are at least three of her books on the TBR of Doom. Nevertheless, I’m still going to say His at Night is my very favourite Sherry Thomas book. When I found out it was being released on audio, my squee could not be contained. That Kate Reading was the narrator was the sparkly icing on a delicious cake. Ms. Reading gave marvelous voice to Lord of Scoundrels earlier this year and my hopes were high for this book. I was not disappointed.

The Marquis of Vere is an “amiable idiot”. At least, that’s how he comes across to almost the entire world. Read the rest of this entry »

A Matter of Grave Concern by Brenda Novak

a matter of grave concernNarrated by Michael Page

A Matter of Grave Concern is one of those books that has an interesting premise and starts strongly, but which loses momentum fairly quickly and ends up not living up to its potential.

The story is set in London in 1830, at a time when the study of the medical sciences was increasing disproportionately to the number of corpses and cadavers that were available to medical students for study, meaning that many colleges resorted to purchasing corpses illegally. One such institution is Aldersgate College in the East End of London, where anatomy is taught by Edwin Hale, a highly respected surgeon and anatomist. His daughter, Abigail, more or Read the rest of this entry »

Morning Glory by LaVryle Spencer

Morning GloryEditor’s Note: Morning Glory in unabridged format is a hard-to-find and a real treasure. We’re starting an official hunt for this 2002 recording. Recorded Books – we’re reaching out to you!

Narrated by Kate Forbes

When I started reading romance books several years back, everything was new. I even had to learn a new vocabulary to talk about the books. I frequented forums and found romance review websites to get recommendations. Before long I noticed that when romance readers talked about their favorite books, Morning Glory was sure to show up in the conversation. Once I started reading the book, I quickly understood why this story is so universally loved.

Morning Glory is about people we might be tempted to call ‘broken” in modern terms. But Will and Ellie aren’t so much broken as closed off due to the hard knocks life has given them. Throughout the book it becomes clear that both Ellie and Will have incredible heart and spirit, and a great will to live. They both find joy and satisfaction in their work and take pride in their accomplishments. Read the rest of this entry »

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