In My Wildest Fantasies by Julianne MacLean

In My Wildest Fantasies lgNarrated by Rosalyn Landor

In My Wildest Fantasies is a British, historical romance with elements of suspense. The first book in the Pembroke Palace six-book series, it sets the background for the Sinclair family story. While there is a teaser at the end, which describes the main conflict for the second book, it could nonetheless be listened to as a stand-alone book, as the love life of the primary hero and heroine is resolved.

When I first read the description of this book, I was expecting the cliche romance where the hero and heroine experience love at first sight after the hero rescues the heroine. To my delight, In My Wildest Fantasies contained much more, including intrigue, Read the rest of this entry »

Accordance by Shelly Crane

AccordanceEditor’s Note: This review contains spoilers for Significance, the first in this series.

Narrated by Cris Dukehart

Maggie Masters is still pretty uncertain about being an Ace. Sure, it gives her the ability to read the thoughts of those around her, and she imprinted with Caleb, her soulmate, but there are so many things she doesn’t understand. Plus, how can she keep her new life a secret from those she loves?

Accordance picks up right where Significance left off. At first, I wasn’t sure if Crane would continue to focus on Maggie and Caleb, or, if she would shift her focus to characters who had only played a supporting role in the first book. I found myself quite relieved when I discovered the focus remains on Maggie. Read the rest of this entry »

The Devil Wears Kilts by Suzanne Enoch

the devil wears kiltsNarrated by Anne Flosnik

I have to begin this review of The Devil Wears Kilts with a qualification. I just finished an “A+” narration of Loretta Chase’s Lord of Scoundrels, and when I started this listen, I was afraid I couldn’t give it a fair rating. So I waited a few more days before hitting “play” again to be sure.

The story itself is fun and entertaining, a solid regency by Suzanne Enoch. Set in the time of the Highland Clearances when Scotland underwent a major (often violent) change from the traditional clan system, the title’s kilt-wearing devil is Ranulf MacLawry, Marquis of Glengask, one of the last lairds of his kind. His 18-year-old sister Rowena desperately wants a London season, Read the rest of this entry »

The Luckiest Lady in London by Sherry Thomas

The Luckiest Lady in London 200Narrated by Corrie James

I approach a book by Sherry Thomas with a great deal of anticipation and wonder. The woman is pure magic with words and I have found her plots to be unfailingly unique and riveting. It was with that level of expectancy that I started listening to The Luckiest Lady in London.

Felix Rivendale, the Marquess of Wrenworth, is the Ideal Gentleman; Louisa Cantwell is a woman in need of a rich husband. Felix puts on a great façade to hide the pain of his upbringing, to cope with those feelings of unworthiness; Louisa also has a façade, one to make herself attractive enough to catch the right husband. Her needs are less complex than his – she is the eldest of several daughters, one with special needs, and she wants to be able to help them all. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Tame a Wild Fireman by Jennifer Bernard

How to Tame a Wild FiremanNarrated by Hilary Huber

The eponymous fireman in How To Tame a Wild Fireman is Patrick “Psycho” Callahan. Patrick is a daredevil and adrenaline junkie whose father, Patrick “Big Dog” Callahan, was briefly the Governor of that state. Patrick grew up on the big family ranch just outside of Loveless, Nevada, with his parents, younger brother Liam (who is deaf and mildly autistic*), and his (even) younger sister Megan.

Liam’s best friend at school was Lara Nelson and they used to hang out with Patrick all the time, until an accident fractured Patrick’s family. Ten years have passed and Patrick is sent back to Loveless to help Read the rest of this entry »

Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare

romancing the dukeNarrated by Carmen Rose

Tessa Dare is, in my book, the undisputed queen of the sexy, funny, screwball-style historical romance. Her latest series, Castles Ever After, begins with Romancing the Duke which is full of her trademark humour as well as delivering a deeply felt romance featuring two thoroughly engaging protagonists.

Isolde Ophelia (Izzy) Goodnight has been left almost destitute following the death of her father, a famous author of childrens’ stories. When she discovers, completely out of the blue, that she has been left a bequest in her godfather’s will, she uses the last of her meagre finances to travel to Gostley Castle in Read the rest of this entry »

Driven by K. Bromberg

DrivenNarrated by Tatiana Sokolov

Driven is the first book in the Driven Trilogy, a contemporary dark romance that tells the tale of two individuals with baggage – one more than the other – trying to learn how to love again. With a narration by Tatiana Sokolov that will grow on you, even if it does take some getting used to, and a writing style and plot somewhat reminiscent of the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, The Crossfire Trilogy, and Beautiful Disaster, as well as a panoply of others that have arisen in the shadow of these extremely popular novels, Driven is sure to delight readers who enjoy this increasingly popular romance sub-genre. One huge warning though – this story contains a mountain of a cliff hanger and unresolved mysteries from the hero’s past, so do not start listening to this one unless you are prepared to listen to the entire series Read the rest of this entry »

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