Karen Marie Moning – Fever Series

These cheat sheets are for Karen Marie Moning’s (KMM) Fever series and are a part of Mac’s Journal. Referred to as Glossaries, they can be found at the end of each print book but, unfortunately, not in audio format. We don’t want audio lovers left out of this all-important aspect of listening.

These Glossaries offer an overview that prepares you for the world you’re entering and shouldn’t have any spoilers if read in correct order. They build one upon another as Mac’s time in Ireland lengthens and she understands and sees more. She continually records details while supplementing her earlier journal.

Having these at your fingertips for quick reference makes listening easier as the series expands to include more characters and events. You’ll find Irish and Gaelic terms with a quick definition or spelling of those words – some of which you’d never guess. Also there’s help for who’s who? and what’s what? along with many other interesting tidbits.

Here is a link to KMM’s page featuring each Fever book with it’s back blurb. Don’t dig too deeply at her site unless you want to be spoiled! The Fever Series



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