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Lea at Speaking of Audiobooks

Lea has been writing the Speaking of Audiobooks column at All About Romance since May of 2009. These were cutting edge articles for romance audio enthusiasts at the time and we’ve had some great discussions starting with the very first column Speaking of Audiobooks: It’s All About The Narrator. There are now more than 115 columns in the archives covering just about every aspect of romance listening.

Look to the dropdown menu to follow those columns and discussion by year from the very beginning.

2009 Speaking of Audiobook Column Links

Starting with the first Column – May 2009 – It’s All about the Narrator May 5th 2009 Male Narrators June 8th 2009 July Releases June 18th 2009 Listening To Those Sex Scenes July 10 2009 August 2009 Audiobook Releases July 27th 2009  A Multitude of Mini Reviews August 11th 2009 September 2009 Audiobook Releases August …

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2010 Speaking of Audiobook Column Links

2010 Speaking of Audiobook Columns: Heart Wrenching Narration January 15th 2010 February 2010 Audiobook Releases February 4th 2010 Favorites February 22nd 2010 March 2010 Audiobook Releases March 8th 2010 Our Favorite Narrators March 22nd 2010 April 2010 Audiobook Releases March 30th 2010 Listening Challenges April 19th 2010  May 2010 Audiobook Releases May 4th 2010 Buy, …

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2011 Speaking of Audiobooks Column Links

2011 Speaking of Audiobooks Columns: 2011 Listening Challenge January 11th 2011 Phil Gigante Interview and Fever Series January 17th 2011 February 2011 Audiobook Releases January 27th 2011 Tracking Our Listening February 11th 2011 March 2011 Audiobook Releases February 21st 2011 Anne Stuart Interview – Ruthless March 7th 2011 It’s Review Time March 21st 2011 April …

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2012 Speaking of Audiobook Column Links

2012 Speaking of Audiobook Columns: The 2012 Listening Challenge January 9th 2012 February 2012 Releases January 27th 2012 It’s All Reviews February 7th 2012 A Simple Audio Survey February 13th 2012 March 2012 Releases February 20th 2012 Males Versus Female Narrators March 5th 2012 Giveaway Plus Author and Narrator Interviews March 19th 2012  April 2012 …

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2013 Speaking of Audiobook Column Links

January 8th, 2013 Historical Romance Audio News   January 25th, 2013 Untrained Narrators? I’m Not Interested   March 4th, 2013 The Audie Finalists in Romance   March 25th, 2013 It’s All Reviews – March 2013   April 15th, 2013 Covers – Help or Hindrance?   May 20th, 2013 It’s All Reviews – May 2013   …

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2014/2015 Speaking of Audiobook Column Links

January 6th, 2014 Top Ten 2013 Romance Listens February 3rd, 2014 Best Settings for Importing Audiobook CDs to iTunes February 19th, 2014 It’s Here – Lord of Scoundrels in Audio Format March 3rd, 2014 Romance Audio News March 2014 April 7th, 2014 For the Love of Older Titles in Audio Format May 5th, 2014 A …

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