Hear Julie James & Karen White Talk!

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Julie James

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Karen White

Our second of four author/narrator team recorded chats, Julie James and Karen White are joining us today as we continue our June is Audiobook Month event, Hear the Talk, sponsored by Tantor Audio. Be sure to check out our complete schedule for our six Hear the Talk chats.

I know you will enjoy hearing this well matched team talk about audiobooks and supporting each other’s work. Karen takes the lead shortly after the chat starts and interviews Julie, asking questions I’m sure fans have wanted to ask themselves.

During the chat, you will hear Julie talk about a Four Men and a Romance Novel blog. Here’s the link.

For those new to the James/White team, be sure to check out their audio backlist which includes Practice Makes Perfect, Just the Sexiest Man Alive, and the four entries in the FBI/US Attorney Series. The Gals all agree that this is some of the best contemporary romance around!

You can download any of our chats easily to your MP3 player. Or, you may want to listen on your phone directly from AudioGals.



And to give you a feel for the excellence that is Karen White performing Julie James, take a listen to these sound samples from Something About You and Practice Makes Perfect.

Our many thanks to Julie and Karen for graciously sharing their time with us!

Lea Hensley