Hear Jennifer Ashley & Angela Dawe Talk!

In our final author/narrator team recorded chats, Jennifer Ashley and Angela Dawe join us today as we finish up our June is Audiobook Month event, Hear the Talk, sponsored by Tantor Audio. Be sure to check out out the full schedule for our six Hear the Talk chats.

Jennifer Ashley

Jennifer Ashley


Angela Dawe

Jennifer’s The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie (TMOLIM) was an Audie Romance Finalist this year and, although it didn’t win the official Audie, it was the Gals choice for the award. The first four books in the Highland Pleasure series (TMOLIM was the first entry) have all received rave reviews here at AudioGals with each receiving an A for both content and narration.

This chat between Jennifer and Angela was actually their first time to talk with one another, a common occurrence with author/narrator teams as most don’t communicate during preparation or recording. Here you have it – two highly talented artists working on the same project at different times and places turning out an outstanding product. We were privileged to be in on their first meeting as they shared their mutual admiration for each other’s skills.

Jennifer and Angela’s chat was recorded during those same Oklahoma storms I mentioned in the Hear the Narrators Talk chat. Therefore, we had to rerecord a number of my comments at a later date so you may notice some variances in audio quality.

You may download any of our chats easily to your MP3 player. Or, you can listen (as I do) on your phone directly from AudioGals. We have also included sound samples from two of Jennifer’s audios below, The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie and The Duke’s Perfect Wife.



Thanks to Jennifer and Angela for helping us celebrate June Is Audiobook Month!

Lea Hensley