Hear Anne Stuart & Xe Sands Talk!

Our first of four author/narrator team recorded chats, Anne Stuart and Xe Sands are joining us today as we continue our June is Audiobook Month event, Hear the Talk, sponsored by Tantor Audio. Be sure to check out our complete schedule for our six Hear the Talk events.

Anne Stuart

Anne Stuart

Xe Sands2

Xe Sands

It was such a complete delight talking with Anne and Xe – you won’t want to miss this lively laugh-out-loud chat. For those of you new to the Anne/Xe team, they are remembered fondly around here for Anne’s Fire and Ice (2011) and On Thin Ice (2012). Both were released by Tantor Audio and are so entirely listen-worthy that we have included sound samples from both below today’s chat.


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Thanks to Anne and Xe for sharing with us today!

Lea Hensley