A Recorded Talk with Suz Brockmann, Melanie Ewbank, and Patrick Lawlor

Suz Brockmann lgOur Recorded Talk, Part I with Suzanne Brockmann and narrators Melanie Ewbank and Patrick Lawlor.

Patrick LawlorSuzanne Brockmann – when I hear her name, I immediately think of her intricately written and immensely addictive Troubleshooter series. Together, Melanie Ewbank and Patrick Lawlor have narrated six of the Troubleshooter titles and now have recorded the first in Brockmann’s new Reluctant Heroes series – Do or Die.

Ewbank HeadshotSuz, Melanie, and Patrick make quite the team and it’s clear there is a great deal of mutual respect and friendship between the three as you will hear in today’s and tomorrow’s chats. All four of us along with our producer, Brenda, hooked up via Skype for this recording and you’ll hear a lot of laughing. Our participants’ comments spurred a good deal of that laughter but the fact that we saw each others expressions on the screen as we recorded brought on even more.

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For easy listening, we split our talk into two parts. Today’s talk, Part I, includes details about the release of Do or Die while tomorrow’s talk, Part II, includes some exciting Brockmann audio news.

Welcome Suz, Melanie, and Patrick to AudioGals!

Part 1

Part 2


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