A Recorded Talk with Nicholas Boulton and Laura Kinsale

Laura Kinsale boulton-72-300 Over the past five months, we have literally raved about Laura Kinsale’s audiobook releases. Six have been released since May 2013 with two additional titles scheduled for release before the end of the year and the balance of her backlist in 2014. The combination of writing and narration is simply outstanding. We have reviewed all six titles and each time, Nick Boulton’s narration has received an A or A+ grade. He’s set a new standard for romance listening and now appears on many a romance listener’s “best of the best” list.

Laura Kinsale has chosen the path of excellence in taking her print books to audio format and we think that worthy of a great deal of attention. Last week, we recorded this talk with Laura in the States and Nick in the UK (therefore the slight background noise you may hear occasionally) and we think it one of our best recorded interviews to date.

Laura’s titles are available at Audible:

Prince of MidnightReviewed May 8th

Flowers from the Storm –  Reviewed June 6th

Midsummer MoonReviewed June 7th

The Dream HunterReviewed July 30th

My Sweet FollyReviewed October 17th

For My Lady’s HeartReviewed October 11th 



Lea Hensley