Talking with The Outlander Podcast

Although Outlander Podcast isn’t affiliated with the STARZ series, these ladies love to talk about the upcoming TV series and report their findings to others. Come join me in learning more about Outlander, a STARZ Original Series!

Ginger and Summer have been reading historical fiction since before it was age appropriate. Since stumbling upon the Outlander series in the 90s, they have became not only devoted fans its author, Diana Gabaldon, but lovers of All Things Scottish. With the announcement of the Starz television series, they needed some outlet for their #outlanderwatch angst, so they began a podcast. This journey began simply as an excuse to talk about the books and the development of the Starz series, but quickly morphed into something else. The Outlander Podcast features announcements related to both the book and television series, chapter-by-chapter read-alongs, interviews with narrators, historians, musicians, artists, etc., all who have some tie-in to Scotland or The Books. And of course, there is the occasional whisky tasting. 


Outlander Podcast


Ginger and Summer interviewed Davina Porter, narrator of the Outlander series, last November. I encourage you to listen – you’ll enjoy what you hear.

Our thanks to Ginger and Summer for joining us today! Check our their weekly podcasts at The Outlander Podcast or their Audioboo channel. You can find them at Facebook and Twitter as well.


Lea Hensley

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