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FLASH-re-view \ˈflash ri-ˈvyü\

1. “a little Hershey’s kiss® of an audiobook review”

2. “a sort of wham bam thank you ma’am audiobook review”

3. an audiobook review of 140 characters or less, that captures the essence of both the story (B:) and the narration (N:), and can be tweeted; occasionally includes acronyms and abbreviated words

4. an audiobook review of 141 characters or more, but not many more, that just outlines the experience of the story and the narration

5. the review that whets your appetite for more – a sort of canapé review, to entice the senses, leaving room for the complete, unabridged audiobook

6. just the review you need when scanning for your next audiobook credit recipient, when you are not in the mood to leisurely read multi-paragraph, in-depth reviews