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Valorous by MS Force

Narrated by Brooke Bloomingdale & Cooper North Valorous is the second book in the Quantum Trilogy by MS Force, about the romance between shy ingenue, Natalie Bryant and movie star (and secret BDSM kinkster) Flynn Godfrey. I reviewed the first book, Virtuous, here recently. Note: Spoilers for Virtuous follow. These books do not stand alone. …

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Virtuous by MS Force

Narrated by Brooke Bloomingdale & Cooper North Virtuous is the first in a three-book series written by Marie Force under the name MS Force. All three books are out on audio (and I will be reviewing them all here at AudioGals), narrated by Brooke Bloomingdale and Cooper North. While Virtuous ends on a HFN romantically, …

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Jacked by Tina Reber

Narrated by Cooper North and Molly Glenmore In Jacked, book 1 in Tina Reber’s Trent Brothers series, we are introduced to Dr. Erin Novak, a driven physician with a dark past, and police detective Adam Trent, a man determined to bring justice to the streets of Philadelphia. These two come together amidst police corruption, auto …

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