A Recorded Talk with Patrick Lawlor

Patrick LawlorThis past May, I attended the Audio Publisher’s Association Conference where I participated in a panel on Listening Community Reviews. I was fortunate to meet and visit with a good number of narrators we know and love including Patrick Lawlor, the voice of Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooter series. Patrick got my attention after the panel discussion by saying to me, “I want to narrate more romance.” At that moment, I knew we had to make a big deal out of that statement and give this well-known male narrator some serious attention. There are a good number of romance listeners out there who, like me, want to hear more proven male narrators take on romance audio.

Patrick and I recorded the official interview and then Brenda joined us (our technical Gal who records and directs these sessions) and we all talked together informally for some time. The final part of today’s talk with Patrick contains a number of outtakes from our casual talk “after” the interview. You will see we keep saying “bye” as we all thought someone else should hang up first!


Be sure to check out Patrick’s AudioGals’ Narrator’s Friend Page for a bio and a list of his romance audio titles to date.

Thanks to Patrick for joining us today at AudioGals! And many thanks to Brenda who directs, records, and edits these talks. We couldn’t do it without her.


Lea Hensley

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