Talking with Narrator Carolyn Morris and a GIVEAWAY

Carolyn Morris is a rather new voice to romance narration. Her first audiobook was  released  just last fall with twelve titles to date. That may not sound so remarkable but here’s the ever-so-noteworthy catch – listeners have loved her from her very first title. Performing the works of authors Tessa Dare, Maya Rodale, Liz Carlyle, Sarah MacLean, and Delilah Marvelle, her average rating over at Audible is around 4.3 out of 5.0. Her five AudioGals’ reviews carry solid recommendations as well – we encourage you to take a look.

We’re so pleased to introduce Carolyn as our newest Narrator Friend. You will find an AudioGals page dedicated to her complete with a list of her romance narrations, contact information, and where to find her on Facebook and Twitter.

To celebrate Carolyn new friendship with AudioGals, we’re running a Maya Rodale series giveaway courtesy of Tantor Audio. The author is also joining in on the fun and offering extra goodies to the winner!

The Giveaway

seducing mr knightlyWe’re giving away one set of Maya Rodale’s Writing Girls series including A Groom of One’s Own, A Tale of Two Lovers, The Tattooed Duke, and Seducing Mr. Knightly in MP3 format courtesy of Tantor Audio. As an extra treat, Maya Rodale is sending a Writing Girls notebook and a signed print copy of Wicked Wallflower to the winner! You’ll find our easy entry form at the bottom of the page. The giveaway is open until midnight (CST) Thursday, June 26th. No comments are necessary for entry although we’d love to hear your thoughts in the discussion area. You may only enter once. We’ll contact you the morning of the 27th so watch your emails as we must have acknowledgement of your win within 24 hours. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll select another winner. Bloggers and reviewers, we welcome your entry. The giveaway is limited to those living in the U.S. or Canada.


Talking with Carolyn

Lea: Welcome to AudioGals Carolyn! We’re thrilled to have you as a new Narrator Friend.

Carolyn: Thanks so much for inviting me – I’m thrilled to be joining the ‘club’! I really enjoy reading the honest reviews that you give to romance titles. AudioGals does a fantastic job bringing this genre to listeners’ attention.

Lea: Thank you – we try to do just that and always appreciate when it is noticed.

Your entry into the romance audio genre has been impressive with twelve romances since October 2013. What were your thoughts when you signed on to narrate your first romance? Had you read the genre?

Carolyn: What girl doesn’t enjoy a good romance? I do enjoy the genre but I wasn’t as familiar with historical Regency romances which have been so fun to narrate. I can’t deny that I’ve blushed many a time whilst narrating but it’s so enjoyable to lose yourself into the lives of characters. I can honestly say I feel sad at the end of every book, even when it’s a happy ending (and of course it always is!) because my relationship with these characters who become totally real in my head is ending.

Lea: You are a romantic!

Can you tell us something about your background prior to narrating? Do you have any training that prepared you for narrating audiobooks?

Carolyn: I’ve been working in voiceovers for years but had only dipped my toes in the water a couple of times with audiobooks. For one reason or another I built relationships with a number of publishers about a year ago and then all of a sudden I was off and running. I read to my kids when they were young every day and realized that I ‘performed’ every night – absolutely loved giving accents and characterization to every role. To get paid to narrate has to be one of the best jobs ever!

As to training, I don’t come from a standard drama background although I did work in production at BBC Radio Drama for years and yearned from the sidelines to really get in front of the microphone myself.

Lea: Do you have your own studio or do you work elsewhere when it comes to recording? Have you worked with a director?

Carolyn: I do have my own studio which I really adore. It’s a small acoustically treated space where its just me and a mic. If the story is good I can keep going for hours. I’ve also done many audiobooks at studios which is a faster recording process (because I can’t procrastinate by making cups of tea and walking the dogs every hour or so) but has the downside of me reading sex scenes in the booth with a producer/ engineer outside. Not going to lie…. sometimes that’s uncomfortable!

Lea: I must say that listeners often wonder about a narrator’s reaction to narrating those steamy scenes. And in company!

To celebrate you joining us as a Narrator Friend, we’re giving away a set of Maya Rodale’s Writing Girls series. Can you tell our listeners about the series?

Carolyn: Maya has a wonderful way of bringing her characters to life. The series lends itself well to four titles with very different young women, set during a time when females certainly didn’t take on such strong roles in society as the norm. Maya is also great at visually building a character’s personality and individuality. When I read I imagine what they look and sound like, right down to what they are wearing and their social status. She also ‘gets’ and writes that dry British humor which I love!

Lea: Having met you in person, I remember your lovely British accent. Do you live in the States now? Have you, in fact, lived in England?

Carolyn: I am, indeed, a native Brit and have been living in the States for eight years. I love it here – never get tired of seeing the New York City skyline when I drive in and I certainly never get tired of gorgeous summers. I definitely don’t miss England’s weather and traffic but I sometimes miss Marks & Spencer’s underwear and English chocolate!

Lea: Can you give our listeners a look into your life outside of narrating?

Carolyn: I’m a super busy mom of three which often means you can find me doing voicework late at night or really early in the morning. Shoes of choice being flip flops or Uggs depending on the season! Outside of audiobooks I voice radio commercials on Pandora, lots (and lots) of e learning for companies, pharmaceutical client, video voiceovers and all sorts of corporate work. If I’m not working you can usually find me on a tennis court!

Lea: What are some of your current or upcoming projects?

Carolyn: I’ve actually just finished two more Maya Rodale books from the Wallflower series. I love the way she weaves in aspects from the Writing Girls into these books. It makes you feel like you have more of an insight into the fabric of these women’s lives. Living as independent 21st century women, its hard to believe just how much ladies of the Regency period were totally bound to the rules of their social class.
I also have a Liz Carlyle book coming up, The Earl’s Mistress.

Lea: Our thanks to Carolyn for joining us today. Now it’s time to enter to win Maya Rodale’s Writing Girls series!


Time to Enter

Giveaway closed.


We hope you are enjoying our JIAM events. We have one more scheduled for this Friday. We’ll be welcoming Susannah Jones of Kristen Ashley’s Rock Chick series!


Lea Hensley


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  1. Bea

    Carolyn sounds adorable! I also used to read to my daughter every night, giving distinct voices to the different characters. The Harry Potter books were quite a challenge.I enjoyed that shared time immensely, I would not have traded it for the world!

    Thank you Leah and Gals for all the giveaways. I wish I could participate but georestrictions are a bummer. I entered this giveaway by mistake. Please disregard my entry

  2. Lisa

    Thank you so much for this giveaway and interview as I am a HUGE Carolyn Morris fan. I enjoy her performances tremendously and have discovered a few new-to-me authors because she is the narrator.

  3. Kristy Petree

    Thanks for a chance in this lovely giveaway. Everything looks great, and I’d be delighted to have it. :)

  4. LeeF

    Great introduction to a new-to-me narrator. Thanks for the interview.

  5. Jennifer Essad

    the person that’s narrating is key for me purchasing the audio copy, I’ve passed on many great titles because the narrators voice/tone and articulation did nothing for me. Thanks for sharing this interview, I’m sold

  6. Donna

    Thanks for the chance to win these audiobooks! My eyesight isn’t very good and I have problems reading even large print books, so audiobooks are my reading. I usually get my audiobooks from my local library and their website.I use an ipod to download them. What would I do without audiobooks!!

  7. Lea

    Congrats to our winner Abigail!

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