Giveaway – Non-Fiction 2014 Audie Winner

Audie-LogoOn the first day of June Is Audiobook Month (JIAM), we participated in the Audio Publisher’s Association (APA) month-long JIAM event with a giveaway of Pete Seeger: The Storm King, the 2014 Audie winner of The Distinguished Achievement in Production Award. Now, we’re honored to host yet another Audie category – Non-Fiction.

The 2014 Audie winner of the Non-Fiction award is David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell, performed by Malcolm Gladwell and published by Hachette Audio. AudioGals is giving away a CD copy of David and Goliath courtesy of Hachette Audio.

From Audible’s Editors Select, 2013:

David and GoliathGet ready to have your view of the world turned upside down. Malcolm Gladwell – best-selling author of Blink, The Tipping Point, and Outliers – returns to present new ways of looking at why being among the advantaged is not always advantageous. David & Goliath explores the \”art of battling giants\” through the personal accounts of underdogs and misfits whose wild success stories are often falsely considered flukes. This is not a sentimental celebration of good things happening to good people. In true Gladwellian fashion, the real reasons behind so many pull-from-behind wins are completely unexpected. And if you’ve ever heard any of the author’s many speaking engagements you know to expect a lively listening experience with Gladwell narrating the book himself. —Tricia, Audible Editor

Yesterday, Bookgoonie featured the History Award, Devil in the Grove by Gilbert King. Tomorrow the blog hop continues with the Original Work award over at Audiobook Reviewer.

The APA has scheduled blogs for each day of June to give away CD copies of all 2014 Audie Award winners. I encourage you to follow along each day to see where it goes next. Those who use Facebook and/or Twitter can follow the event with the hashtags #audiomonth and #Audies2014.


The Giveaway

Enter here to win a CD copy of David and Goliath by Malcolm GladwellEntry is simple. Just complete the entry form by midnight (CST) Saturday, June 21st. No comments are necessary although we welcome your thoughts in our discussion area. You may only enter once. We’ll contact the winner the morning of June 22nd so watch your email as we must have acknowledgement of your win within 24 hours. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll select another winner. Bloggers and reviewers, we welcome your entry. Due to the cost of shipping and audio geographical restrictions, the giveaway is limited to those living in the U.S.

Giveaway closed.


I’m sure you’ll want to check out this list of all the Audie winners. And a happy JIAM to you!

Lea Hensley



  1. BJ

    Although non-fiction is not typically a genre I listen to, I listened to Outliers based on a recommendation, and loved it! What a fascinating listen, both the incredibly detailed facts and the propositions Malcolm Gladwell crafts out of them, and the performance were superb! Moreover, I love rooting for the underdog, so I’m sure this will be another captivating listen!

  2. Kaetrin

    I bought this one after your post Lea. I like to listen to a bit of non-fiction and this looked like it would be really interesting. Thx for the tip! :)

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