Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs

Frost Burned 2Narrated by Lorelei King

I’m a big fan of the Mercy Thompson series (and the Alpha & Omega series too for that matter) but every time there is a new release, I get simultaneously scared and excited. Excited because I love Mercy (and Adam. Mmmm…  Adam…) and scared because what if it doesn’t live up to expectations (and my expectations are HIGH)? But every time, only the excitement is necessary.

Mercy has recovered from the injuries sustained in the events of River Marked and things are calm within the Pack. However, late on Thanksgiving night, Adam and most of the Pack are abducted by a group of men identifying themselves as government agents. Mercy must protect Jesse and the few remaining (non-abducted) Pack members, while trying to work out what’s going on and also while trying to get Adam and the other wolves home safely.

I read the print version of Frost Burned first so the plot was, of course, not a surprise to me. When I read the print book, I was hearing Lorelei King in my head (so strongly do I associate her voice with the series) and I was very much looking forward to what she was going to add to the mix. I suppose I did enjoy the audiobook a little bit less than the print version but that was only because I had already read it (and not very long ago). When it comes to Mercy T, I will inhale any version I can get my hands on. More than once.

The plot was very intricate but not difficult to follow and, as usual, action-packed. What I adore about this series is the fact that although Adam is the Alpha of the Columbia Basin Pack and completely in charge, he doesn’t overshadow Mercy. In the same way, Mercy’s kickassedness (I made up a word) is not diminished by Adam’s authority. This is so very cleverly done. Adam never looks weak but Mercy often saves the day all on her own. She’s clever and resourceful and also, very lucky. This last is something that worries Adam a lot, as luck is something which runs out.

As a bonus for Adam fans, there are TWO chapters from Adam’s POV. Patricia Briggs is able to convey the depth of feeling Adam has for Mercy with really only a few words. And Lorelei King, with the deep growly rumble that is Adam’s voice, adds another layer to them. Swoon. Ms. King’s narrative voice remains the same (perhaps slightly deeper to help convey the POV shift) in these chapters – I had been wondering if she would use Adam’s voice as narrator. But, as the Adam bits are in third person, it wasn’t necessary and I imagine Adam is hell on her vocal chords anyway so who can blame her?

While there is no Samuel in the book (sadly), Mercy is assisted by Asil (who features more prominently in the Alpha & Omega series – if you haven’t read/listened to it – do so), a very old werewolf who is clever and strong but also a little unhinged. Asil’s accent was supposed to be Spanish, I believe, but it sounded more like Stefan and Marsilia’s accents and for all three, they did occasionally drop out just a little bit when they were talking (and slipped into an American accent). And I love the way Ms. King depicts Warren and Kyle and even though they (Warren in particular) didn’t have HUGE parts in the book, their deep love for one another is also very evident.

One of the niggles I had in print didn’t present itself in audio format. The book contains some long and convoluted sentences – I found myself having to re-read them in print but in audio, Ms. King parsed the text so that I understood on the first go round. It wasn’t that I had read it before; my memory isn’t quite that good.Smile I didn’t have to rewind to understand anything – the only rewinding I did was when people were (rudely!) interrupting my listening pleasure to ask me about such mundane things as school drop off or dinner.

As usual, the production values were high quality and there was only one, maybe two, vocal errors I picked up. Also Lorelei King can say “CAGCTDPBT” really really fast without getting tongue-tied.

Ms. King’s narration made me a bit emotional right at the end. In print, I got a lump in my throat; in audio there was also the sting of tears. And that, right there, is why I love audio.


Narration:  A-

Book Content:  A-

Steam Factor:  You can play it out loud

Violence:  Escalated fighting

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Publisher:  Penguin Audio

Frost Burned was provided to AudioGals for review by Penguin Audio. 

Editors note: If you want to read more of Kaetrin’s thoughts on Frost Burned, check her print review here


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  1. Lorelei King

    Thank you for the lovely review, Kaetrin – and especially for your well-observed comments about the two Adam POV chapters. You’re absolutely right – I did a slight shift just to convey a masculine POV without actually using Adam’s voice. I love when people notice things like that! So thank you… :)

    x Lorelei

    1. Kaetrin

      Thank you Lorelei :)

  2. Brenda

    Excellent review Kaetrin – all I can say is ditto. ;)

    You’ve pulled out the perfect details from both the story and the narration to highlight another great P. Briggs / L. King pairing. I look forward to revisiting this installment just as often as I do the others in this great series.

    1. Kaetrin

      Awww, you say the nicest things! :)

  3. Maria D.

    I love the Mercy T. series but have to admit that I’ve never tried it in audio….not sure why but I’m thinking it’s time to get an audio version of the first book and give it a try. (I too am Team Adam – was Team Adam from the start)

    1. Kaetrin

      Do eeeet! They are so very good. :)

  4. Katrina Wreggelsworth

    I have to say that I have re-listened to this audiobook 5 times since is has been released. Hell, I have done that to most of Patricia’s books. Lorelei King is wonderful. I wish sometimes that the novellas of the series could be done, just for more of this world. One of the things I have been wondering is if Lorelei has listened to Holter Graham read the Alpha and Omega series. It is because she seemed to add another layer to one of my favorite secondary characters; Asil. They meshed in my mind and it made me love him a little more. Truly wonderful in my opinion.

    1. Kaetrin

      I thought the novellas were available on audio? I have them in my library. It’s just that they’re a part of larger anthologies. Did you mean available as a stand alone? Did you see that Alpha & Omega is finally out on audio as a standalone download?

      I love both Lorelei King’s narration and Holter Graham’s. It helps actually having the two different narrators I think. They are all definite re-listens/re-reads IMO. :)

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