Narrators Forum Coming Friday – Live!

This Friday you will find six well known narrators here at AudioGals discussing their background before they started narrating audiobooks and their subsequent training that has kept them at the top of their profession. We’ll also focus on new narrators, methods of training, and how one gathers the necessary tools to produce a good performance. Through the discussion, we plan to create a path of success for those new to narration.

Joining in this forum:

Barbara Rosenblat     Holter Graham     Susan Ericksen

Kate Reading              Tavia Gilbert         Karen White

Moderated by Lea Hensley

The forum starts at 10:00 a.m. and will run until 12:00 noon CST on Friday, February 8th. During that time, you can follow the live discussion. Once the forum is completed, we’ll open it up for further discussion to all who wish to participate. The narrators will be available to answer your questions.

Mark your calendar and come join us! I’m sure the discussion will be prove to be both lively and educational.


Lea Hensley


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  1. Coleen

    Some of my favorite people in the world, and they’re great narrators too!! I will definitely be

    joining you! Thanks for all of your wonderful work Lea!

  2. Coleen Marlo

    By the way Lea, I loved your post on Cassandra, Karen and Hillary, it was hysterical and also very informative!

  3. Melonie

    Very, very cool! I adore Barbara Rosenblat – her talent is amazing! No offense to the author, but I had to “read” every Amelia Peabody book by Elizabeth Peters via Barbara on audio – same for same for the Amanda Quick books, while enjoy reading them, I LOVE listening to Barbara read them.

    Wow – Laura Kinsale and Barbara Rosenblat in the same week – I just found AudioGals yesterday and feel like I hit the internet jackpot! :)
    I’ll be back on Friday – what time zone?

  4. Lea

    Thanks Coleen and Melonie! We certainly have a spectacular time with AudioGals and it is a work of the heart as well.

    Thanks for pointing out the lack of naming a time zone. It’s now there – CST 10-12.

    See you there!

  5. Carrie

    I can’t believe I’m going to miss this! I’ve just started listening to Barbara Rosenblat and love her narrations. And I’ve enjoyed narrations by Karen White, Susan Ericksen, and Kate Reading–these are all narrators I buy without listening to samples! I have the first Cat and Bones book and look forward to getting to know the much praised Tavia Gilbert very soon. The only one listed I don’t know about is Holter Graham.

    Will the transcript of the live talk be posted afterwards? I don’t want to miss out completely.

    Sad Carrie!

  6. Lea

    The chat platform will appear on the homepage just as with any feature. It will remain as a complete transcript. So, anyone can read it easily after the fact.

    Isn’t this a fantastic group of narrators?!

  7. Kaetrin

    If I can work out what time that is for me, I will be here! :)

  8. Kaetrin

    Also, so excited to see such a wonderful list of narrators, especially Holter Graham. Think you’ll be able to find out whether he’s doing Alpha and Omega Lea?

  9. Kaetrin

    Belay that last, I see it’s done and already out and I completely missed it. Must remedy. *sigh*

  10. Melonie

    The bummer part is I won’t be able to take part in the open chat after…have to put on the mama hat and get a little girl to pre-school. But I’m glad I can come back later to look at the transcript – as I can’t give the live forum 100% of my attention anyway, see mama hat, above. ;)

  11. Anne Stuart

    Well, I’m trying to find out how to get there and can’t. Waaah!

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