WOW! Coming Soon Romance Audio News

I’m still on an audio high with the news that Laura Kinsale’s backlist is coming to audio in 2013. That news inspired Brenda to start looking for more upcoming romance audio news and she hit the jackpot! All are 2013 dates.


Elizabeth Hoyt

According to Hachette’s website, The Raven Prince, The Leopard Prince, and The Serpent Prince are set for audio release with Moira Quirk narrating on January 22nd. Currently these three books that make up the Princes Series are available in eBook format for $3.79 at Amazon and $3.99 at Barnes and Noble.

Hachette will also be releasing Hoyt’s next Maiden Lane book, Lord of Darkness, simultaneously with the print release February 26th. The narrator has not been announced.


Loretta Chase

From Chase’s FAQ page:

When will your books be available in audio format?

Answer – We’re looking into some opportunities, and may have books in audio format sooner than we’d anticipated …


Kristan Higgins

AudioFile shows that Tantor Audio will be releasing Kristan Higgin’s next book, The Best Man. Will it be simultaneously released with the print version scheduled for February 26th? No mention is made of the narrator.


Kresley Cole

Simon and Schuster has the audio release dates up for the next two in Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark backlist titles:

Dark Desires After Dusk – February 5th. Robert Petkoff is narrating.

The Kiss of a Demon King – May 7th. The narrator has yet to be announced but as Brenda said to me, “Surely they wouldn’t mess with a great thing like Petkoff?”


Patricia Briggs

Penguin Audio will be releasing Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega novella by the end of February. The narrator is unknown at this time.


Samantha Young

Penguin will also be releasing a book that started out as self published – On Dublin Street by Samantha Young (supposedly freshly edited as it had problems in that department) in paper and audio. No mention of narrator at this time.


Suzanne Wright

Another self published tale, Brilliance will be releasing Book 1 of The Phoenix Pack series, Feral Sins, by Suzanne Wright on February 19th. One of the chapters will be removed upon its audio release/rerelease in print (it upset many). Jill Redfield will narrate.

Brilliance will also be releasing the second book of the series, Wild Cravings, simultaneously with the print version on April 16th.


The reasons to celebrate romance audio in 2013 just keep growing!

Lea Hensley


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  1. Melinda


    1. Brenda

      Just thinking about Lord of Scoundrels in well done audio – be still my heart!

      Lea has Phil Gigante as her dream narrator with this LOS – who would be your pick Melinda?

      1. Melinda

        Noooooo not Phil! Please no more Minnie Mouse heroines. I do not forgive and forget. (Whimpers)

        1. Lea

          Sticking with my wish for Phil – he’s improved. :)

          Seriously, Lord of Scoundrels is so full of male characters that I do think a male narrator would serve it best. But, then I prefer male narrators. Doesn’t have to be Phil but someone with a hunky voice for sure.

  2. Kelli

    Woot! My completionist heart is delighted at finally getting the Alpha & Omega novella in audio format. Pleeeaaase hire Holter Graham for it Penguin!

    Anyone have an opinion on Moira Quirk? I haven’t listened to any of her work and The Raven Prince was the book that sucked me into finally reading historicals so I’m hoping for good things there.

    What a great year coming up for romance audio. Chase and Kinsale are my top two recommendations for anyone reluctant to dip their feet into the Romance genre so I’m delighted to see their work coming to audio.

    Thanks for being the harbinger of great audiobook news, Brenda!

    1. Brenda

      The feeling of my eyes popping as I gasp in surprise never gets old when it comes to audiobook news. :D

      I listened to the Moira Quirk snippets at Audible then read the reviews for what others had to say in regards to her narrations – both sound extremely positive.

      I’m with you Kelli – Penguin you have a great thing going with the Patricia Briggs / Holter Graham pairing – please stay with it for Alpha and Omega!

      1. Kaetrin

        Holter Graham MUST do it. We should start a campaign. It was very successful with Ilona Andrews!

        Please Penguin? *begs*

        1. Vic

          Adding my crossed fingers to the Holter Graham for A&O list. I don’t understand WHY the publishers wouldn’t at least TRY to work things out to let us keep a narrator who we all love. I’m still feeling giddy at the news of getting the novella… tehe…

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